Platinum Play Counter

Makes tracking youth football league minimum play counts a snap.

Easily enter your player list and track play counts during the game. Total plays, plays per player, players on field, and custom highlighing and sorting logic are all available at your finger tips.

08/17/2020 v3.2 of Platinum Play Counter has been submitted to the Apple App Store for review.

Full support for iOS Dark Mode. I've never been one to use dark mode, so I never tested it myself. However, the other day a user emailed me and alerted me to the problem, black text on a black background was kinds hard to see. I agree. Thanks for the heads up Kyle. I believe I caught all text/background changes needed to support dark mode, but if I didn't please email me and I'll fix it ASAP.
06/28/2020 v3.1 of Platinum Play Counter has been submitted to the Apple App Store for review.

2020, wow! I hope everyone is doing well. Football season is creeping up on us, and I hope everyone will be able to enjoy the upcoming youth football season with family and friends. For some of us, fall football season is the best time of the year. No matter what this year has thrown at each of us, I hope everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the upcoming season safely and with those we love.

Version 3.1 is mainly a maintenance update. I've updated the app to the latest Apple Xcode version, making it ready for the latest version of iOS and the latest round of iPhone and iPad models. There were a few minor bugs squashed, and a couple minor UI tweaks. Presently I have nothing planned for immediate additions to the app, but if you have something in mind that you'd like to see added, please email me. I'm always looking for new ideas that will fit well within the app.

If you have any issues with the app, please email me, I'll take care of it immediately. If you feel the need to leave a negative review, I ask that you email me the issue first before leaving a review to give me the opportunity to fix it.
07/24/2019 Today I pushed v3.0.3 of Platinum Play Counter to the Apple App Store for review. In preparation for the upcoming football season this version is primarily a maintenance release to bring the app up to date with the latest development environment, including support for the latest version of Xcode and the Swift programming language, as well as support for iOS 12.4. I have also added a Privacy Policy page here on which basically states that other than for crach reporting and debug purposes via Apple's own crach reporting (an otion you can enable/disable on your device), we collect no personally identifiable information while using the app. In fact there's no code in this app at all that collect any information whatsoever. Rest assured we are not collecting anything other than what Apple collects regarding crash and usage stats (again, optional via your enablement in iOS), and will NEVER share anything related to we may receive from such crash reports or statistics.
09/17/2018 Today I pushed v3.0.2 of Platinum Play Counter to the Apple App Store for review. V3.0.1 that was approved for sale on 9/14/2018 included a bug fix for restoring in-app purchases that were purchased prior to v3.0 of the app. Today’s version includes updates to support iOS 12 as well as the new iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR, as well as a few minor bug fixes that I noticed in developer crash reports that Apple collects. I hope everyone is enjoying the 2018 football season so far, and I hope everyone is getting the wins they deserve. Mostly I hope all your play counting is easy and accurate.

As always, I’m pandering for more app reviews from users. Platinum Play Counter needs as many reviews as possible to help bump it up the charts on the Apple App Store, which means more support for the app, which means more features being developed for you.
08/23/2018 v3.0 of the app is now in test. I hope to have it ready for review/release this evening, tomorrow at the latest. Why the rush? Because I want to use the new scoring feature during Saturday's first game of the season.

Yes, you heard it here first, v3.0 of Platinum Play Counter adds the much requested scoring module which allows you to add a scoring event after the snap, capturing the scoring team, type of score, and points scored. Combining this new scoring data with the data already captured on each snap allows for more in-depth analysis of the game and your teams performance. You will now be able to review which players were on the field each time either team scores. The app also displays the current score while in-game, allowing you to make sure that volunteer scoreboard operator (that spends more time on Facebook than watching the game) is doing his/her job properly. You will need an in-app purchase to enable this new feature, but on that note I have added a new in-app purchase model that I hope you all will like.

The "Touchdown Package" was replaced with the "Base Package". The Base Package is required if you would also like to enable the existing Export features and/or the new Scoring features. If you have previously purchased the Touchdown Package or Export Package, those purchases carry over seamlessly to this and all future versions of the app. You DO NOT need to re-buy those options.

But wait, there’s more… I have added a new "EVERYTHING Package". This new in-app purchase option enables ALL current options in the app and anything that comes along in the future. I think I’ve proven my commitment to this app over the years, and I plan to keep that commitment alive for many football seasons to come. I still have a list of features I’d like to add to the app as time permits, and with this new EVERYTHING option you’ll get those features without the need to buy any future add-on purchases.

This new EVERYTHING Package makes the most sense for new users of the app. If you already have the Touchdown/Base Package and the Export Package, it makes more sense to just purchase the Score Package if you want to add scoring. Or if you don’t need any export features, you can purchase just the Base and Score Packages. A-la-carte or buffet style, you choose. Or if you’ve recently become a bitcoin millionaire, feel free to buy them all… from the front seat of your new Lamborghini. I won’t judge.
08/02/2018 Today I submitted version 2.8 of the app to Apple for approval/release. This version updates the app to the latest development environment which fully supports iOS 11.x, iPhone X layouts, and the latest development options. Platinum Play Counter still supports iOS 8.x and higher, iPhone 5 and higher, and most recent version of the iPad. I added a scroll view to the settings page to support older phones with a smaller vertical screen. If you can't see all the settings options within the app, just scroll down a bit. Last but not least I added a cancel button in the top-left corner of the Edit Teams view while in-game.

I've started working on the the option to track scoring while in-game. It will attach scores to the previous snap, so coaching staff will be able to see who was on field each time either team scored. This feature is optional and will require a one time in-app purchase to enable. I'm also toying with the idea of multi-user play count and scoring options, allowing one user to count plays and another to track scoring, with both sets of data combining "in the cloud" to produce a detailed post-game report for the coaches. This would also enable a "live feed" of the score, enabling friends and relative to see live scores of your child's game online. The scoring option should be available prior to regular season games, the multi-user option is just an idea for now.
10/07/2017 The current version of the app is v2.6. I've missed posting about the last couple of release, it's football season, not a whole lot of extra time lately. Recent updates include vibrate upon snap (iPhone only), new game pause options, a "since last snap" timer, in game team editing, and in game player sorting just to name a few. There have also been a handful of bug fixes and development environment updates getting the app ready for iOS 11. I hope you find these new features useful. Keep the suggestions coming.
05/01/2017 v2.3 of the app was approved by Apple today. This update was primarily a maintenance release containing a few minor changes. I updated the app to latest development environment in preparation for app updates for the 2017 football season. I added setting to display player names as LastName, FirstName or FirstName LastName. And lastly, I fixed the team player count bug.
08/22/2016 v2.2 of the app was summitted for app store approval today. Another user request sparked some ideas in my head and well... here it is. The request was for the ability to do play counts "per half". A legit request, as there are some leagues that require X number of plays per half as opposed to per game. So I added enhanced game pauses, giving you the ability to mark a "pause" as a time out or halftime. By doign so the app can then give 1st half vs 2nd half stats, as well as reset the play counts if the user is in "Count Per Half" mode. I also added a count of selected players to the Add/Edit teams popup, as well as an option to automatically remove players from the in-game player list once they meet the minimum plays. That last feature will make the after game stats look a bit weird, but I'm assuming if you're using this feature you probbly aren't too worried about game stats. Again, please post an app review via the Apple App Store when you have some free time (I know right? Free time during football season?). I appreciate everyone's emails and support, you all are awesome. Oh yeah, and good luck to all the teams this season.
07/07/2016 v2.1 of the app was summitted for app store approval today. As requested by one of our users, this update adds a new Teams tab with the ability to assign players to custom offense, defense, or special teams. These teams will make it easier for you to switch players on/off the field while in game. For example, apply the “Kickoff Return” team and all players assigned to that team are marked as "on filed". Use the Team tab to create and edit teams prior to a game, and then apply teams while in game using the game menu in the upper-left corner.

As always, please review the app in the app store when you have a moment. Reviews help us get the attention we need (we’re kind of drama like that). Also, feel free to send us questions, comments, new ideas (that's where this update came from), or complaints via our support page. I'm serious when I say the more we hear from users the harder we work and the better the app gets.
06/08/2016 v2.0 of the app was released via the app store today. This new version enables iPhone support so the app can run on either an iPad or an iPhone. Due to the nneed to support a smaller iPhone screen, the in-game screen had to be redesigned so that all features whould be available no matter what device or screen size you have. Secondary functions such as Undo, Remove Inactive Players, and Game Over have been moved to a slide-out menu on the left. We also tweeked some of the game save code to make snap/game saves happen faster on older devices. Hopefully everyone will like the changes. If not, please send us your suggestions via the support page here on the website. Also, please... please... submit a review of the app in the app store. The more reviews we get the more exposure the app gets. Plus your reviews help us determin which features to add, or what screens to tweek the UI on. We are working on adding iCloud backup/restore to the app, as well as optional in-game scoring to add even more detailed stats to your games.
01/28/2016 v1.2 of the app was recently released via the app store, adding the ability to export game stats to email or a printer. Truk Software is currently working on a 2.0 version of the app that will work on both the iPhone and the iPad. Saved game backup to iCloud is also in the works, so you will be able to backup/restore saved games as well as share them between devices on your account.

Please submit a review of the app via the app store. The more reviews we get = more exposure = more development efforts. Questions, comments, and ideas can be submittined to us here on the website via the support link at the top. We love hearing from our users.


Track players on/off field

"Snap Ball" button increments play counts

"Undo Last Play" does exactly what it says

Instant feedback of number of players on field

Set players to inactive and optionally remove them from the player list

Pause game timer during time-outs and half time, for more accurate game time stats

Save game stats for later review*

Export game stats via email/pdf for official record keeping*


Add/Edit player jersey number, last name, and optional first name

Order player list any way you like


Add/Edit team names and assign players to customizable offense, defense, or special teams

"Set Team On Field" while in game, simplifying the transition of your offense/defense teams on and off the field


Custom jersey number color scheme*

Set minimum plays for your league*

Set number of players on field for your league*

Enable highlighting of players under your selected minimum play number*

Enable option to move inactive players (set via checkbox) to botom of the list*

Enable flash screen on snap, for positive feedback that you really did click the snap button*

Platinum Play Counter is now available on the App Store for your iPhone or iPad. Download it today.

* in-app purchase required.

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